Ok so you probably don’t know this but I have always had a love of maps…London maps mainly and old ones in particular. With that I love early underground maps, the geographical ones which actually followed exactly where the line went. In 1933 H.C Beck revolutionized the underground map and made it diagrammatic.Straight lines and a neat and tidy map. This iconic map rocked the underground map world and has inspired us in our new creation: The Underground Map of Gin..of course!

We’ve created a unique map, the first of its kind, where each line is gin related: London Dry line, outer London line, International line, botanicals line, history line, people line, cocktails line and the pseudonym line: basically everything you need to know about gin, in a tube map!

A map on one side and of course a Gindex on the back detailing everything on the map. These maps are the same size as the current London underground map, neatly folded into three so you can keep it handy when you need a little ‘Ginformation’.

Coincidentally the London Underground is 150 years old this year and Beck’s map celebrates it’s 80th brithday..so homage to him, the 150th birthday of the London Underground and a new design for an old map. ( to quote Beck)

A steal at £1.50 you can buy one of these from our good friends at London Peculiar

We will also have available 100 limited edition A4 signed prints which will be released soon.

For me, I have finally managed to combine my two loves…gin and maps, together at last!

Beck’s map

beck1933 002