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We’ve been gin lovers for many years… we won’t say how many, but quite a few and with that we’ve learned a thing or two about gin. It’s fair to say we’re very passionate about gin in all of its intriging dimesions; its past – with its rich and sometimes dark history, its present – with the amazing array of botanicals being used to create fantastic small batch and artisan gin and its future – which looks very interesting indeed as production gets more and more artisan, bespoke and complex. So now it’s time to share what we’ve learned with you!

We have 3 different gin tasting events, each exploring a different aspect of gin:

  • The History of Gin
  • Gin Cocktail Journey
  • The Gin Flavour Spectrum and Botanicals

Please see below for more details and information on how to buy tickets.

photo courtesy of Cat Munro

photo courtesy of Cat Munro

The History of Gin Tasting Event  is a perfect introduction for anyone wishing to learn a little more about gin, its history and the varieties available. We will take you on a journey through the history of gin, how it came to be the spirit of the our wonderful city.

All those curious questions… where does the phrase ‘Dutch courage’ come from, or ‘mother’s ruin’ or ‘bathtub gin’ and why is Navy strength, well Navy strength, will all be answered along with a fascinating insight into how gin is actually ‘history in a glass’!

Throughout the tasting we’ll fill you in on a bit of  ‘ginformation‘ on the different styles of gin and it’s journey from mothers ruin to the superior spirit it is today. This is an informal tasting intended to entertain and inform so you can discover more about this wonderful and intriguing spirit.

  • Duration 1 1/2 hours
  • £32 per person
  • Arrival cocktail, sample 5 gins including one served as a gin and tonic
  • Takes place on Saturdays, if you’d like to stay on after please reserve a table
  • Tickets available in advance only HERE

Gin Cocktail tasting journey

A journey through the evolution of cocktails in England through the illuminating lens of gin. Whichever name they went by: dainty drinks, anti-fogmatics or racy sensations, cocktails have a long and eventful history driven by peoples endless quest for novel refreshment and luxury coupled with mild intoxication. But how did cocktails come about? What was in them? Who drank them? Were they really drunk in the morning?

We’ll take you on a journey from the origins of the cocktail in the gargantuan punch bowls of 18th Century London, through early Victorian mixed drinks enjoyed by both the high and the low, speed across the water to experience racy transatlantic “Sensation Drinks” and see how these were shaped by prohibition to land back on our doorstep in the glamorous pages of the Savoy cocktail book.

Along the way you will meet some colourful and sometimes contradictory characters, and sample five authentic gin cocktails: an original recipe 18th century milk punch*, a Victorian Purl, we will recreate James Pimms original No1 cup, a John (Tom) Collins and you will finish on Harry Craddocks gin cobbler made using a genuine prohibition gin created by us here at the gin club from a prohibition recipe by F Scott Fitzgerald, the king of the jazz age himself.

By the end of the session you’ll know your sling from your smash, your fix from your fancy cocktail and just what makes a perfect martini.

This is an informal tasting intended to inform and entertain. You can, of course pick our brains about all things gin during the tasting, or sit back, relax and let us take you on a journey through 300 years of mixed drinks.

  • Duration 1 1/2 hours
  • £32 per person
  • Welcome gin & tonic, and sample 5 different gin cocktails
  • Take place on Saturdays and in the week
  • Tickets available in advance only HERE

* please note the gin punch contains whey. If you have allergy/intolerance concerns please let us know a week in advance so we can prepare something suitable

Gin Flavour Spectrum & Botanicals tasting event

botanicals Gin – a single spirit, a thousand flavours, how do you know where to start? Our flavour spectrum tasting will give you tools to aid your exploration of this majestic and multi-faceted spirit.

Whilst sampling 5 very different gins you will learn about the essential core of gin, and from there branch out into the different flavour styles, the huge variety of botanicals used and how best they are complimented with different garnishes and serves. You’ll also learn about how we experience flavour and some techniques you can use to explore and understand what you like and why.

We’ll end with a perfect or ‘copa’ serve gin and tonic and some tips to transform your own G&Ts. You can of course pick our brains along the way! This is a great opportunity to get answers to all those questions about gin you were too afraid to ask! This is the perfect experience for the gin enthusiast who wants to learn more about the different styles and huge variety of botanicals that are used to create the fantastic artisan gins on the market today.

  • Duration 1 1/2 hours
  • £32 per person
  • Arrival cocktail, sample 5 gins, including a gin and tonic
  • Take place on Saturdays and in the week
  • Tickets available in advance only HERE

General information about Gin Tasting Events

  • For dates and ticket sales, please visit our on-line shop
  • Events taking place on Saturdays start at 4pm sharp
  • Events taking place on Weds / Thurs start at 6.45pm sharp
  • We advise you arrive 15 minutes earlier to settle in.
  • Space is limited to 20
  • If you’d like to stay on after please reserve a table