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Flavour Spectrum Gin Tasting gift box

We have a wonderful range of Gin Tasting Menus here at the gin club, they are a great way to explore the world of gin and their popularity has grown and grown.

But what if you can’t make it into Soho?  We thought it was high time for you to be able to enjoy these gin experiences in the comfort of your own home. Available to buy online or in the bar.

The Flavour Spectrum Gin Tasting set includes a selection of the finest premium gins embracing eight flavour catagories, carefully and expertly selected to illustrate the delightful variety of todays artisan gin. This gin tasting set will take you on a flavour journey, starting with dry moving through citrus, floral, savoury, spice, aromatic, sweet and finishing with a fruit gin.  So what is in the box?

  • 8 x 30ml bottles of premium gin
  • Gin Information cards – Each gin has an information card which includes the flavour category it falls into, the botanicals used and a suggested garnish. You can choose to read the card before you taste a gin and use the botanical information as a guide, or taste the gin first and see how many botanicals you can place.
  • Gin Tasting Flavour Wheel – Humans are very good at recognising flavours but relatively bad at naming them. The gin tasting flavour wheel is designed to help you describe the gins you encounter. It includes the main flavour categories found in today’s artisan gins with general and specific descriptive words, including a section for mouthfeel. Use it to help you identify and describe the aromas, flavours and sensations you experience when you taste a gin.
  • The LGC Guide to Gin Tasting – a brief guide on how to taste gin including tips on the ideal glassware, tonic and ice, and what to look for in the nose, profile and linger of a premium gin.
  • Flavour Spectrum sheet – a fold out sheet to structure your gin tasting. Make notes on the sheet so you have a record of the flavours you experienced and your impressions of each gin.

Flavour Spectrum Gin Tasting Gift Box