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Ginthusiast gift box

What gift do you get for someone who loves everything about gin? You get them everything about gin! We have put together the perfect a gift box for the ginthusiast in your life.

Everything (minus the ice and garnish) they need to make a perfect serve gin and tonic at home, plus The London Gin Clubs collection of gin gifts including our incredibly popular periodic table of gin.

Each gift box contains:

  • 2 x copa glasses
  • 2 x 50ml Brokers Dry gin
  • 2 x 200ml Fever Tree Indian tonic
  • 1 x Brokers information card, including the botanicals used and a suggested G&T garnish.
  • 1 x Gin Tasting Flavour Wheel –  designed to help you describe the gins you encounter.
  • 1 x Gin notebook – to enable them to keep track of the gins they have encounter
  • 1 x set of 5 Gin postcards
  • 1 x trifold Underground Map of Gin
  • 1 x Gin Periodic table (A3 poster)
  • 1 x Gin Does the Job poster (A4 poster)

Available to buy from our online shop 0for customer pick-up from the bar

This gift box is available  to buy from our online shop and is for collection only at The London Gin Club.