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Bring the London Gin Club Perfect serve to your living room – the perfect gift for a the gin lover in your life that is looking for the perfect gin and tonic at home.

The perfect G&T requires the perfect glass. The ‘copa de balon’ glasses are similar to red wine glasses but have slightly thicker glass. The bowl shape has two effects on your gin and tonic: 1) the botanical aromas gather in the bowl giving a heightened flavour experience. 2) They have a smaller surface area relative to a high-ball glass, meaning your g&t stays colder for longer and the ice melts more slowly.

But giving a balon glass without gin is like giving a frame without a picture, so we have added all you need to gift a fantstic gin and tonic.

Two 50ml serves of Brokers London Dry gin, our London Gin Club house serve resplendent in their bowler hats and two bottles of Fever Tree Indian tonic. You will also find a copy of our Guide to Gin tasting and our Gin Tasting Flavour wheel flavour designed to help the discerning gin drinker describe the flavours they encounter.

Each gift box contains:

  • 2 x copa glasses
  • 2 x 50ml Brokers Dry gin
  • 2 x 200ml Fever Tree Indian tonic
  • 1 x Brokers information card, including the botanicals used and a suggested G&T garnish.
  • 1 x Gin Tasting guide, a double sided sheet which includes:
    • Gin Tasting Flavour Wheel – Humans are very good at recognising flavours but relatively bad at naming them. The gin tasting flavour wheel is designed to help you describe the gins you encounter. It includes the main flavour categories found in today’s artisan gins with general and specific descriptive words, including a section for mouthfeel. Use it to help you identify and describe the aromas, flavours and sensations you experience when you taste a gin.
    • The LGC Guide to Gin Tasting – a brief guide on how to taste gin including tips on the ideal glassware, tonic and ice, and what to look for in the nose, profile and linger of a premium gin.

Available to buy from our online shop for customer pick-up from the bar.