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It was love at first sight with Duck and Crutch, who can resist such a handsome and beautifully designed bottle. We were further seduced when we learned more about the gin, made lovingly by hand in a 6 x 4ft shed in Kensington by a fabulous couple, George and Hollie. What really made us fall for this gin however was the taste. Made with juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, cassia, nutmeg, cardamom, citrus, fresh thyme, walnut, Darjeeling tea and bourbon vanilla pod. This is a deft balance of classic and modern gin botanicals.

On the nose there are wisps of citrus pine then a flood of vanilla and tea with underlying earth and spice notes. The aroma literally draws your mouth to the glass, it’s very hard to resist.

Tasted neat the lead is fresh pine and citrus, this yields to hints of warm spice followed by a satisfying dry gin kick that grabs the mouth. Tea and vanilla notes round out in a long, long, smooth and subtly sweet linger that builds as you sip.

With tonic (fever tree regular) the gin rounds out, the dilution also brings out an almost creamy, full, mouth feel. On the palette citrus and pine notes lead into a pleasing dry middle with layers of warming spice that yield to a long subtle sweet linger. All the way through this gin is fresh yet creamy, moreish and seductive. Go Kensington!

What can we say, Duck and Crutch shows what can be done by two people with care, attention and love. More please!