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Not that you need a reason to drink gin, but let’s say you did, saving mankind is a pretty good one.

It’s said that “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.”  If bees go we go. Keepr’s is a company that is working hard to make bee keeping in the UK a viable proposition, supporting beekeepers and in turn the British honey bee to ensure their future in our environment.

Keepr’s Honey gin is a London Dry Gin infused with small batch Cotswold honey. Each batch, and so each bottle of gin is traceable to the hive and the queen bee the honey came from. Our particular bottle came from a hive with Queen bee Alice! The gin is made by taking a classic London Dry and adding an infusion of their raw honey.

And so how does honey gin taste?

On the nose honey dominates with hints of juniper camphor and meadowy floral top notes.

Tasted neat on ice, immediately on the palette there is silky sweetness. A fleeting hit of fragrant juniper pine quickly yields to a wave of caramel only to be consumed by a flood of warming almost peppery heat. We are talking a comforting, life affirming, peppery gingery, lip smacking zing. The linger is a soothing, mild, honey sweetness.  This is a very pleasant sipping gin, a Cordial Gin would be the best description to convey the silky mouthfeel – delicious and warming.

We were curious how this gin would stand up to tonic. Good news, with a one to one ratio (fever tree regular) and a lemon peel & rosemary garnish this makes a very good, easy drinking gin and tonic that fits well with the current vogue of sweeter gins. The tonic lifts it and gives it longer legs with clear notes of fragrant almost floral pine, ginger and honey. It is sippable, moreish and very drinkable.

Excellent in a gin buck and delicious in a bees knees we are very pleased and proud to have Keepr’s on our shelves. Not only an excellent gin but supporting our vital and busy british bees. Look out for it on our autumn menu, and of course in a special bee-keepers knees cocktail!