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As we brace ourselves for the final ever episode of The Bridge this week we thought it would be appropriate to console ourselves with some Scandinavian gin. Nordic noir has transformed our appreciation of drama here in the UK over the past few years, do Scandinavian spirits do the same for gin? The bottle we reached for is Bareksten, a Norwegian gin taking it’s inspiration from the dramatic surroundings and folklore of Norway and made with local herbs and berries.

The nose is vibrant and inviting. Fresh pine notes married with enticing spice notes and hints of blueberry fruit.

Tasted neat there is fresh pine and a wonderful burst of caraway spice. This yields to subtle sweet fruit undertones with a tingly pepper bite in the linger and a round silky mouthfeel. Bareksten is an extremely tasty, well balanced gin that can easily be sipped on the rocks and makes a superb Martini.

With tonic (Fever Tree regular) the nose is still present, enticing one to sip. The profile opens out and lightens but most pleasingly the sweet spice body remains full and voluptuous. Pine citrus notes lead into a spicy middle. There is a moreish, almost savoury bitter dryness with a subtle fruit sweetness in the linger. A seductive silkiness to the mouthfeel that has one reaching for the glass.

Is this gin Thor or Gretta Garbo? It is both! Muscular and bold in its flavours but at the same time enticing and seductive. Our conclusion? That this gin is as gripping and satisfying as the best Noridic noir, we raise our glass to Bareksten!