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We are privileged to have on our shelves another fine Yorkshire gin – York gin. Emma, one of the masterminds behind York Gin visited the London Gin Club a while back and we spent a pleasant evening chatting about gin. Fast forward a year or so and we have the fruits of the labours of the fantastic team behind York Gin in our hands. A London Dry made with 9 botanicals including juniper, cardamom, orris, lemon peel and black pepper, the aim was to create a smooth sipping gin, so how did they fare?

The nose is bold, fresh and vibrant. Floral lavender top notes and fresh camphory juniper predominate. Subtle, sweet, underlying green bass notes entice you into sipping.

Tasted neat this is a smooth gin with a round silky mouth feel. Lavender top notes yield to the cooling fresh camphor of juniper, there is a bite of pepper bitterness with pepper heat persisting into a long smooth linger with an underlying sweetness. This gin has a most satisfying balance of cooling juniper pine and warm pepper heat. Let the ice melt in the glass a touch and this is a most satisfying sipping gin indeed; round, well-balanced with an underlying silky sweetness.

With tonic (Fever Tree regular) the same nose is present but is a touch greener. The profile remains the same but is more open: fresh lavender floral top notes, cooling juniper with a pepper bite and underlying sweetness with a touch af warming spice seeping through.

This is a most satisfying dry gin – an excellent sipping gin, easy drinking on ice it also makes a great gin and tonic which we garnish with a rhubarb slice.

So raise your glass to Rutterkin, the black cat and swaggering gallant who adorns the bottles of York Gin. We most wholeheartedly welcome him onto our shelves and onto our lastest tasting menus at the London Gin Club.