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There is nothing better to combat the post-Christmas blues than a tasty new gin and what a fabulous specimen we have in Gin Wala. This London Dry gin is inspired by the Chaiwalas of India, the entrepreneurial street vendors who sell and serve spiced tea. The recipe took a year to perfect and uses the spices of chai: Assam tea, cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger and black pepper.

And so how does this chap taste?

The nose is vibrant and inviting. Bright notes of aromatic cardamom and ginger sing out with an underlying hint to pepper.

Tasted neat the lead is perfumed juniper followed by a flood of warming spice; bright cardamom with cinnamon and ginger undertones pleasantly mingling with a light peppery finish that yields to a soothing, smooth, slightly sweet linger.

Tasted with tonic (Fever-Tree regular) the nose is still strong and inviting. The chai spices open out and the overall profile is of the same form but lighter; warming spice, pepper activation and a soothing sweet linger. There is a hint of pleasant savouryness not noted when sipped neat which makes this gin extremely tasty and very more-ish.

This gin really is fabulous, the combination of warming spice with the sweet elements from tea working remarkably well to create a smooth, perfumed, spicy, yet soothing gin which is quite unique. So hats off to Gin Wala. Yet again we see the boundaries of artisan premium gin being pushed into new creative flavour areas.