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Inshriach gin is made in a shed, but not just any shed, the shed that houses the Inshriach distillery won shed of the year in 2015. Sheds are good, and out of them can come fantastic things including gin. The shed in question is deep in the Cairngorms on the Inshiriach estate where Walter Micklethwaite makes Inshriach gin with local juniper and other native botanicals all picked within a few miles of the estate. There is not a lot of information about the botanicals used: Juniper, Juniper shoots and rosehips, with the total number unknown so for this tasting we are pretty much tasting blind.

The nose is bright and inviting. Sweet floral top notes, green piney juniper with an underlying sweet musky depth.

Sipped neat the lead is sweet citrus rose, almost geranium-like but with an underlying fruitiness. The sweetness momentarily subsides to a bright, refreshing eucalyptus pine. A round sweetness resurfaces accompanied by a mellow bitterness with a slight pepper bite. The hints of lemon and pepper make us wonder if bog myrtle is in the mix. This is a gin that is very easy and most pleasant to sip on the rocks, we have to top up before moving on to adding tonic.

With tonic (Fever Tree regular) the nose persists but edges towards juniper pine. The profile remains broadly the same starting off with a round, fruity, floral sweetness with a hint of lemon citrus. Fresh piney juniper kicks in followed by mellow bitter bass notes that builds into a long round linger.

A perfect balance of bitter and sweet with floral pine top notes, Inshriach gin is refreshing and moreish sipped neat and makes an excellent gin and tonic. A superb addition to our shelves, you will be able to find it on our new autumn tasting menus which will be out in the next week or so.

They also have a navy strength version, as you can see in the image