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Manchester Three Rivers small batch dry gin is made in the heart of Manchester and takes much of it’s inspiration from the city itself. The name Three Rivers refers to the three rivers that run through Manchester: the Medlock, Irwell and Irk, the distillery it’s self being near the banks of the Irk. The 450 litre copper pot still in which the gin is made called ‘Angel’ takes its name from the area of Angel Meadows just a short distance from the distillery. Now a public park it is a place deeply connected to the highs and lows of the city’s industrial heritage, a city of which it was said “What Manchester does today, the rest of the world does tomorrow.”

And is this so with gin? Lets find out!

The gin is made using 11 botanicals: Juniper, coriander seeds, cardamom, orange peel, cinnamon, almonds, oats, vanilla, angelica, black pepper, orris.

On the nose there are immediate aromatic cardamom floral top notes singing out against subtle green savoury earthy bass notes. The nose is seductive and enticing, making us keen to move onto sipping.

Tasted neat the start is aromatic cardamom with lemon citrus from the coriander, followed swiftly by a juniper & citrus peel bitterness. This yields to a bright pepper activation which starts a long, warming linger.

With tonic the nose is still present and enticing. The top notes open out with the citrus ringing out more clearly. The middle has warming pungent cardamom paired with juniper dryness, the pepper heat in the linger rounds out to a buttery almost fruit like sweetness with the vanilla taking the stage. What is also pronounced is a lovely, silky round mouthfeel from the almonds and oats.

This is a great gin with a distinctive well balanced profile which makes for an interesting and satisfying flavour journey. It makes for a fantastic Gin and Tonic, which we garnish with strawberry and juniper. We liked it so much you can find it on our tasting menu.