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Boomsma Dry gin has a number of enticing qualities. The first is their super smart bottle. The second is that the company has a long distilling history spanning 125 years with the 5th generation currently at the helm. The third is that the recipe for their dry gin is inspired by Beerenburger, a spirit they have been producing since 1883 that uses traditional medicinal and bitters herbs such as gentian, centaury, blessed thistle, laurel, and calamus.

We were first introduced to these herbs through our research for our Cityread “Tastes of Elizabethan London” tasting event where we were up till the small hours poring over 16th century distilling manuals which included paragraphs extolling the virtues of various herbs. Centaury, known as “100 pieces of gold” and a supposed cure for the plague. Laurel, used for inspiration and dreaming. Blessed thistle which was renowned as a “heal all”, and gentian, employed as an antidote to poison and one of the most potent bitter compounds known. This is the first gin that we are aware of that uses gentian and so we were very intrigued to know what was going on inside this beautiful bottle.

Boomsma Dry gin uses 12 botanicals which include Juniper, Angelica, Licorice, Blessed Thistle, Centaury, Laurel and Gentian.

On the nose, this gin is fragrant with lavender floral citrus, which we suspect is from the juniper and laurel. There is an underlying earthiness and delicate pine notes which entice you on to sipping.

Sipped neat with ice the attack is sweet floral citrus. There is a cooling menthol pine and a warming bitter spice. The linger has the same dual aspect quality: cooling sweet menthol and warm bitter spice with a mildly astringent bitter linger, however the bitterness is more complex than a traditional gin. The use of bitters herbs brings a more nuanced flavour profile. This is an extremely well-balanced profile, almost a sipping gin.

With tonic (FeverTree), with a traditional 1:3 ratio the gin opened out to an almost fruity sweet start yielding to a juniper dry menthol middle and a mellow linger. However it was most interesting and satisfing at a 1:1 ratio as a sipping gin.

This is an excellent well-balanced gin from a distiller with a fantastic pedigree. If you love gin a sip of Boomsma Dry Gin will further your journey into the exploration of this fabulous spirit.