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Marylebone is a stone’s throw away from us here are the London Gin Club, so we were most interested to try the new local gin, Mary-le-bone small batch gin. We were even more intrigued to learn that the company is located on the site of the 18th century Marylebone Pleasure Gardens. We knew there were pleasure gardens in Vauxhall, but did not know there were pleasure gardens so near to us, apparently visited by Dick Turpin no less!

Mary-le-bone gin is made from 13 botanicals, some inspired by the gardens including of lime flower, lemon balm, chamomile, there is also grapefruit in the mix and it’s bottled at a robust 50.2% abv. The brains behind this inspired venture is Johnny Neill, who also created Whitley Neill Gin so we were pretty sure it would be a good gin, but how good?

The nose is clean and bright. There is an apple freshness from the chamomile, with lemon sherbet citrus and hints of coriander.

Tasted neat with ice Marylebone starts with a lavender floral and citrus hit followed by piney juniper and warming spice, this then rounds out to a mellow sweetness (we think liquorice). Overall the finish is long and has the lovely bitter dryness of a tasty gin. Very well balanced for 50% abv.

With tonic (Fever Tree regular) the gin opens out with a pleasing light camomile, hay freshness and lemon top notes. This is followed by a bite of grapefruit and a juniper kick that gives way to a pleasant warming dry bitterness which rounds out in a long linger with a hint of liquorice sweetness.

Mary-le-bone gin really does have an excellent profile, it starts with delicate garden floral notes but has real body and ends dry with a pleasant bitterness balanced with a hint of round sweetness. This is a rewarding gin that, and after you have savoured a mouthful beckons another sip. We are sure the 18th century tipplers in the pleasure gardens would wholeheartedly approve.

Mary-le-bone makes a great gin and tonic, which we garnish with a blackberry, you can find it on our latest tasting menus.