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The London Gin Club is delighted to be working with the CityRead project this April. We have created a unique tasting event in conjunction with CityRead’s chosen book this year, Prophecy, an Elizabethan thriller by S.J. Parris.

We will take you on a journey back in time to explore the history and tastes of 16th century Europe and London including the links between alchemy, witchcraft, spirits and along the way unravel the genesis of gin.

In this 90 minute whistle-stop journey you will sample a series of historic tipples: Aqua Vita, Strong waters, Purl, Genever and finish off with an Old Tom.

The event will be held here at the London Gin club on Wednesday 12 April 2017. Tickets are £32 in advance and can be bought from our friends at London Peculiar here >> The tastes of Elizabethan London Tasting Event 

About Cityread
Cityread London is a celebration of the power of reading to bring communities together.It is celebrated every April, across all of London’s 33 boroughs, with libraries at its heart. Our 2017 book is Prophecy by S. J. Parris, a gripping Elizabethan spy thriller set in London 1583.

Cityread invites you read Prophecy by S.J. Parris and step into the crowded, dirty and dangerous streets of Elizabethan London. Meet maverick thinker and ex-monk Giordano Bruno, as he’s enlisted by royal spymaster Francis Walsingham to uncover a plot to overthrow Queen Elizabeth.

Immerse yourself in Elizabethan intrigue and train as one of Walsingham’s spies in our interactive performances at The Charterhouse; discover the origins of 16th century gin and the secrets of Dr John Dee’s library; hear S.J. Parris talk about life in London in the 1500s in conversation with historian Tracy Borman at Lambeth Palace, and at local library events.

Read extracts of the book on our website and download the ebook for free from your library. For more information about all the City Read events and the book follow their link here Cityread