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We love it when the guys from Audemus Spirits drop by. Not only are they the most lovely and fabulous chaps, they always bring a present of a new and unique ginny delight for us to try. Their latest visit was no exception and we were most intrigued when they set down a bottle of Hoppy Gin on the counter, a gin made – not with hops as a botanical – but made with beer as a botanical!

One of us here is not only a gin lover, but also a craft beer lover and so we were very interested to try this new gin. The beer in question is Deck & Donohue Indigo IPA, the beer is described as generously hopped with 4 different hops – Summit, Nugget, Columbus, and Magnum, and described variously by beer lovers as citrus, herbal, with malt and not too much bitterness. The beer is distilled, and then used together with Juniper, Angelica and two secret botanicals to make this most exceptional gin. And so how does it taste?

The nose has a bit of a swagger, warm spice almost nutmeg notes with an aromatic floral top notes and an herbal sweetness – confident and very pleasing.  Tasted neat the gin definitely has the citrus bitter hop notes that will be familiar to a beer lover. The lead is citrus sweet, a juniper and hoppy bitterness then grabs the tounge, and swirling underneath is a rounded almost licorice like sweetness. This gin is unlike any other we have tasted, it’s really very pleasant and could easily be enjoyed sipped neat on the rocks.

With tonic the citrus and the floral sweet notes open out and lead the show, however what is totally unique is the build of the hops. As you sip your Hoppy Gin & Tonic the pleasant bitter linger of the hops builds and is enhanced with dilution from the ice. This is a G&T that has the best of both worlds, the all-round fantasticness of a citrus dry gin, and also the hoppy tang and depth of an excellent beer.

The guys at Audemus have excelled themselves again, well done chaps and cheers!