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Spring is here, and with the change in season it’s time to change our Gin Tasting Menus.  With all the fantastic small batch gins launched in the past few months we had a tough time whittling it down to a final 8, we say this every time but these are a fabulous collection of gins. The gins in each tasting menu have been specifically selected to both complement and contrast each other so you get to experience top-notch artisan gin over a range of flavour categories.

Spring Tasting MenusTasting # One is :

  • Conker Gin 40% – garnished with raspberry
    Made with Macedonian juniper and elderberry, samphire, and gorse flowers.
  • Rutte Celery Gin 43% – garnished with basil
    Citrus and celery makes this gin savoury yet still classically dry.
  • Hepple 45% – garnished with blackberry
    A long engaging profile with sweet fruit notes, this gin used unripened juniper.
  • Stafford’s Gin 42% – garnished with lemon and rosemary
    Made with lemon balm, rosemary and bay, macadamia and almond, a lovely herbaceous nose with refreshing citrus on the palette.

And Tasting # Two is :

  • 58 Gin 43% – garnished with lemon and cubeb
    A classic dry gin with hints of coriander and pepper.
  • Whittaker’s 42% – garnished with celery
    Juniper led with bilberry, hawthorn and bog myrtle giving a satisfying dry bitter linger.
  • Colombo 43.1% – garnished with orange and juniper
    Vibrant and fresh made with Sri Lankan cinnamon, curry leaves and ginger.
  • Trevethan 43% – garnished with apple
    A sophisticated gin with a rounded sweetness, elderflower, gorse flower, vanilla and cardamom are just a few of the botanicals used to great effect.

All superb and balanced together to really show off their individuality. You can find reviews of Trevethan, Colombo, Fifty Eight and Hepple in our blog.

Keep an eye out later in the week for our new Spring / Summer cocktail collection! It’s looking pretty good let me tell you!