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There are a slew of new gins making their way onto the scene at the moment, and one of our new arrivals here at the London Gin Club is Trevethan Gin.

Made in Cornwall, this gin has a most interesting story. The recipe was created in the 1929 by Norman Trevethan, who was at that time a chauffeur to Cornish aristocracy and regularly took them to society events in London where of course, gin was in and quite the thing, and so Norman decided to perfect a family recipe. And so fast forward to 2015, and we are able to sample a true ‘Jazz Age’ gin.

TREVETHANAnother aspect we like about this gin is the use of locally sourced botanicals which include Cornish elderflower and an ingredient we not commonly used in gin – Gorse Flowers. Other botanicals include Juniper, Coriander, Cassia, Angelica, cardamom, orange peel, lemon peel and vanilla.

And so onto the gin.

The nose is full and bright: top notes of citrus with camphory juniper and a lovely herbaceous bass note. It is bold with an almost menthol freshness and begs to be tasted.

Tasted neat the start is peely citrus which yields to a soft round sweetness – the first few sips revealing the lush vanilla. There is a strong, solid spine of juniper and a most pleasant bitterness kicks in at the rear, a herbal almost cool dry linger.

With tonic the nose is still present, a lovely herbaceous hit. The citrus opens up with lovely lemon notes singing out and the elderflower really shines. There is a crisp juniper bite, and the bitterness has receded to a steady dry bass note.  The mouth feel is rounded and silky. This is a well balanced gin; confident, bright, punchy, crisp and refreshing. This gin has so much to offer the palette one could argue it does not need a garnish – however we think coriander leaf, thyme, or when are we able to furnish them – gorse flowers make this a most handsome gin and tonic.

Cornwall is becoming a little mecca of fantastic gin distilleries, and long may it continue.