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Over the past few years Tanqueray have produced two Limited Edition gins, Malacca and Old Tom.

Their latest addition to the collection is Bloomsbury, based on an 1880s recipe created at that time when the Tanqueray distillery was located in Bloomsbury in central London. The recipe is actually written on the label: Italian juniper, coriander, angelica, cassia and savory. At a juicy 47.3% ABV, it wears purple smartly on the bottle. With natural word-play connections to the Bloomsbury group – a group of people with bold intellectual ideas, how does it stack up ?

bloomsvbury On the nose it’s full aromatic juniper, a bold woody juniper with coriander citrus notes. There is also, what we felt was a sweet undertone, also most lavender like, we thought this might be from the cassia.

Tasted neat it starts with bold crisp juniper dryness supported by the light citrus coriander notes, this is followed by a round sweetness that transitions to an herbal, bitter linger which is most pleasant and balanced.

With tonic things really start to sing a distinct and original song, we should point out we tasted it with Fever-Tree Indian tonic. The nose still comes through, a clean piney juniper nose with coriander citrus undertones. On the palate this gin really packs a dry juniper punch with delicate, aromatic almost woody bitter notes, this rounds out to a sweetness and then wallop, there is a slap of superb dryness with lightly savoury almost herbal overtones. The dryness persists in the linger which has a most interesting, pleasant almost cleansing effect on the palate which is both invigorating and supremely dry.

Tanqueray Bloomsbury almost takes the gin and tonic into a Negroni ‘ball park’  with a dryness that leaves you wanting more. Tanquerays ‘portfolio’ of gin reads like an artists palette with a colourful and varied spectrum of flavours, however with Bloomsbury they have (like other distillers) shown yet again that there is infinite potential and variety of sumptuous flavours that are worthy of intellectual and gustatory enquiry.

Gin – the spirit that just keeps on giving – hats off to Bloomsbury!