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The lovely chaps at Batch came by a couple of weeks ago with a bottle of their gin for us to try. We love it when this happens and we especially love it when the gin is good, which Batch Gin most definitely is.

Made in Burnley, Lancashire and bottled at 40% this is a  most intriguing gin, not least because of its 12 botanicals it uses both frankincense and myrrh. It seems Myrrh is terribly good for you and your skin and helps prevent aging. Bring this gin on!

batch ginOn the nose there’s a lovely warm spice note that hits straight away, we thought orange, cardamom and cinnamon. This is followed by a crisp fresh coriander citrus element. Overall a very rounded and warm nose.

Tasted neat the same coriander and cardamom comes up and through quite quickly with a pleasant middle of aromatic lemongrass, this yields to a peppery-ness from the allspice berries, which activates the tongue and builds to a soft, smooth creamy sweet linger. There is a lovely balance of both bitter (possibly from the myrrh) and sweet spice from orange, cinnamon, clove and cardamom.

We could have easily carried on drinking the whole glass on the rocks, it is a most pleasant sipping gin, but we’re on duty here so on with the next step!

With tonic the flavours soften and open out, it begins with light citrus notes of coriander and orange peel which are followed with the most delicate aromatic lemongrass and tingly pepper sensation with a smooth sweet linger.

What a superb gin. This is a fantastic warming spice gin with unique touches of aromatic bitterness. We’re thinking of amplifying the aromatics and garnishing with a slim shaving of ginger and coriander leaf in our trademark copa serve gin and Fever- Tree tonic.

So, with frankincense and myrrh… where is the gold? on the label of course! This is defiantly candidate for our next tasting menu, nice work!