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Navy strength gin is certainly popping up a lot at the moment. perry's totPerry’s Tot isn’t new to us, we’ve been raving about it for a while and we feel it’s high time to let you all know why.

The New York Distilling Company are responsible for Perry’s Tot and its slightly lighter sibling Dorothy Parker gin (which we also love!)

And so, on to the gin. Bottled at 57% it packs a punch, but not an alcohol burn kind of punch, it packs a rich, complex, floral, sweet yet invigorating punch.

On the nose this gin is vibrant, heady and really quiet uplifting. There are definite strong tones of lavender floral with a heady and fresh camphor-ish whoosh. This is a gin with aspirations.

Tasted neat it starts with big, lip-smacking sweet floral notes. These yield to a very nice dry bite which smooths out to a peppery-ness that tingles and activates the mouth. Citrus comes through slightly to contrast the sweetness and there is a background juniper spine throughout. The balance is really very good, this is a clever gin, it seems to stimulate every area in the mouth and unsurprisingly leaves you wanting another hit. It’s complex and incredibly pleasant sipping on the rocks, for a spirit that packs a whopping 57% abv that’s no mean feat.

With tonic the nose holds, and the sweetness really shows its hand – elderberry and honey really open out to a lip-smacking lead, a lovely dry spine sits in the background – just reminding you that juniper and angelica hold everything up – the dry and pepper notes are dialed down slightly but are there to firmly round and balance the taste off.

This is a very, very more-ish gin, one is simply not enough. Excellent work New York Distilling Company.