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Our new tasting menus have just been announced and what a truly cracking gathering of gins they are !

(I say this every time but it’s true)tasting menu

Both menus show off the amazing work our gin distillers are doing at the moment and the variety and complexity is fantastic.

Tasting No 1 is

1) HAYMAN’S FAMILY RESERVE 41.3% Lemon peel & Olive
Rested in oak barrels giving subtle vanilla and malty notes
2) FORDS 45% cape gooseberry
Soft Jasmine with a citrus undertone. Flavour-some, balanced and well-rounded.
3) MAKAR 43% Lemon slice
Dry, floral and fragrant with heavy, piney notes and a bold earthiness
4) STAR OF BOMBAY  47.5% Orange slice
Using the same base as Bombay Sapphire but with Italian bergamot, and Ambrette seeds giving aromatic and sweet musky notes.

And Tasting no 2 is

1) BURLEIGH’S 40% Pink grapefruit
11 botanicals including dandelion & burdock. Piney with a citrus nose and gentle floral notes.
2) DUKE OF MUNICH 45%  Celery
Dense, savoury flavours with delicate spiced notes from ginger. Complex and crisp
3) SILENT POOL 43% Orange peel
24 botanicals with a sweet fruitiness on the nose. Floral notes from lavender & chamomile with a clean , peppery, citrus finish.
4) JINZU 41.3% Cherry
Blended with Japanese Sake, giving a creamy mouthfeel & cherry blossom giving a delicate sweetness.

What a summer-time treat they truly are!