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shetland reel ginScotland is becoming a powerhouse of gin, one of the latest additions being Shetland Reel, a small batch gin produced in the most northerly inhabited Island in the UK, Unst in Shetland.

The gin uses 8 botanicals including locally grown apple mint, so how does it fare with its juniper brethren?

On the nose there is a strong hit of Juniper and coriander, with a fresh fragrant floral note. Tasted neat, it is lovely and dry, a camphor juniper spine with a clean dry bite, this leads into a smooth sweet undertone in the linger which, whilst subtle, balances the dryness really very nicely.

With tonic the gin rounds out, the fruitiness of the apple mint really sings out, an almost cilantro type note comes through on the nose, and quite unusually the flavour profile reverses. The flavours start with the rounded sweetness and then moves into a dry linger. The fruitiness also builds and grows as you sip, this is a good solid junipery gin, with a fruit forward note.

This gin makes a lovely summery Gin and Tonic, we think a coriander leaf or raspberry garnish sets it off a treat.