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silent pool ginIt is unusual to come across a British gin which has a high number of botanicals. So it was a pleasure to find Silent pool, which has 24 (unnamed) botanicals, and made in the Surrey Hills.

After much tasting we have found: Juniper, coriander, cassia, chamomile, orris, kaffir lime, elderflower, pear, star anise, coriander, lavender, bergamot, honey, linden, hawthorn, angelica, possibly rosehip, pear, cubeb (?) and… yes there are more and we’re working on them…  (hic!)

The name Silent Pool refers to the pool where the natural spring water used to make the gin comes from, plus I might add, some various interesting local legends!

So, onto the gin. Neat, on the nose there is a Peary sweet fruitiness with a floral citrus hit.

Tasted neat it’s quite floral, with a sweetness of fruit and honey which is, we think at this point in time in the world of gin quite unique, followed by a contrasting dryness with invigorating pepper on the palate which is quite warming. This gives a nice finish which also brings out the honey.

With tonic the gin opens out, there is a glossy, rounded mouth-feel where floral (lavender, chamomile, elderflower) notes open out and a citrus undertone balances the sweetness nicely.  The peppery finish is coupled with a bitterness, maybe grapefruit or citrus peel which finishes the taste experience nicely. This gin is fresh and has depth and character, with interesting floral corners and edges.

Garnishing this gin with coriander leaf will work but I’d like to try some edible flowers too. If you like a floral / citrus gin with depth then you should definitely come and try Silent Pool.