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Makar Gin

Makar Gin

There’s a lot going on in Scotland at the moment with gin… good news we say! We came across Makar Glasgow gin a couple of months ago and we’re very glad we did.

Using just 7 botanicals alongside juniper this gin is quite hard to categorize. We would describe it as dry, heavy floral, savoury and very fragrant. Intrigued? So, onto the review.

On the nose Makar is very juniper piney, like the eucayptusy sap of pine trees but also with a shot of floral/citrus notes followed by bold earthy and fragrant rosemary.

Tasted neat you get the first glimpse of licorice which offers a sweet rounded note to balance the tongue tingling teasing pepper notes followed by a clean, dry finish.

With tonic Makar remains consistent on the palette with the same flavours. Juniper lemon lead quickly into a pepper bite followed with warming sweet notes (cassia & licorice). Rich Rosemary tones are strong and this is where the dense fragrant notes come from. At 43 % the flavours are intense and ‘full bodied’ with, as I say a very fragrant linger with stays pleasingly on the palate.

We will probaly garnish with lemon to lift up the coriander, but I’d like to try it with licourice root as the sweetness should work really well with the juniper, lemon eucalyptus.

Well done to the first Glasgow gin. A very nice additional to the world of gin.