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Our evening menu has grown a little recently. We now have a selection of delicious home-made pies and other freshly prepared food.

Our ‘ginfluenced’ menu takes inspiration from the wealth of excellent gins with wonderfully balanced herbs, spices and fruits, and some of the fantastic accompaniments such as vermouth, cordials and bitters. We’ve transferred these to our food and hopefully our creations will set your taste buds tingling.

gin_foodWe have 3 different pies, Slow cooked ham ( in gin of course) with a champagne, cream , pea and onion sauce. Beef slow cooked in red vermouth and baked for 4 hours, and last but not least, vintage Cheddar with leeks and thyme.

And to satisfy your sweet tooth we have created a ginfluenced chocolate tasting board – plain and white chocolate with gin inspired botanical flavours.

We still of course offer warm Italian bread, charcuterie and a lovely cheese board, home roasted nuts, olives and baby pickles.

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