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Every six weeks or so we change our tasting menu’s to feature new gins. Happily in the last six months there has been a rich influx of new gins with Sir Robin of Locksley being one of these.

Sir Robin of Locksley is a small batch artisan gin created in Sheffield and distilled in London with an interesting collection of 8 botanicals, not least dandelion and elderflowerrobin, so how does it taste?

On the nose the dominant notes are citrus, the grapefruit and coriander combining to bring a clean bright lemony citrus element with a pleasant herbaceous undertone, possibly form the dandelion.

Tasted neat there is a definite spine of juniper, a solid herbaceous elderflower comes through quite quickly alongside soft sweet notes of cassia and licorice which mellow out to pleasant bitter-sweet notes of grapefruit.

With tonic the grapefruit and elderflower really open out, the sweetness shines through followed by a pleasant crisp and dry finish. I almost want to say this gin starts Old Tom and finishes as a Dry… there, I said it!

This is a great gin, very, very easy drinking and an interesting journey through subtle and clean notes of sweet, dry and bitter. We garnish with pink grapefruit to make a fantastic gin and tonic.

Sir Robin is on our current tasting menu and well deserved it is too, anyone bringing something new and interesting to the world of gin gets a big thumbs up from us.