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We’re very lucky here at the LGC, gin literally comes to usCrossbill gin… the newest and tastiest gins come to our door.

We sampled Crossbill last year and waited patiently for its release, and now it’s here! Crossbill is the only gin to use Scottish juniper, Scottish juniper used to be exported to Holland to produce Genever (which says something about it’s quality!) but this stopped around 200 years so it’s very exciting that Scottish Juniper is singularly used for this gin. What else is in this gin? Rosehip… and that’s all!

On the nose Crossbill gives an unexpected savoury (almost umami) note,  it conjures woodlands and hedgerows.

Tasting straight, the flavour is very different from the nose with a smooth, well-balanced character which starts with semi sweet notes and a very rounded mouthfeel. Then a piney fresh citrussy and pleasant eucalyptus element comes through from the juniper, which of course has some of the chemical compounds in lemon (limonene)

With tonic the nose softens and the juniper really comes to life, with a pleasant piney fresh feel and a roundness with a rosie sweet/floral middle and well-balanced subtle, cool, satisfying finish.

I really enjoy the most interesting experience of this gin. I feel the juniper has been allowed to shine and is balanced so well with the Rosehip it really shows off its delicate yet complex characteristics. I almost want to say don’t garnish this gin, drink it in a copa glass and allow it to do its thing and experience the light but sumptuous and subtle complexity of Scottish Juniper balanced wonderfully with the rosehip. However if you feel an absence of garnish will leave it a little naked we think a rhubarb, plum, or well-selected rose-petal garnish would set it off.

This is a a wonderfully satisfying gin. A gin lovers gin. Not least as it shows the magic that can be worked with just two uk botanicals.

We love this gin, this is why we love what we do and also why it’s on our newest tasting menu! Great work guys.