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You may have noticed a sudden flurry of gin reviews, this is good news as it means a flurry of fine gins, good times for us all!

We currently have Shortcross, a premium Northern Irish gin on our shelves, and on our new tasting menu too. shorcross

Shortcross is a craft distilled gin that uses wild clover, green apples, cassia, elderflower and elderberry amongst it’s host of botanicals.

On the nose there is a massive juniper hit which sits just behind an earthy (elderflower / berry?) sweetness with very pleasing floral and citrus notes.

Tasting neat initially offers crisp and sweet notes, followed swiftly by fruit flavours possibly from the elderberry and apple. There is a swell of peppery-ness, and a definite undertone of grassy meadows which conjures up that wonderful feeling as spring approaches, daffodils start to bloom, lambs start leaping about and it’s a budding floral anticipation all round (not long now folks). There is also a short dry linger, which balances well.

With tonic the profile changes substantially, the pepper drops out and the overall tone is of an apply sweetness. What is also interesting is the nose says one thing, your taste buds another… the juniper hit is still strong on the nose but apple, citrussy orange and plenty of floral notes hit the palate and combine to create a full yet floral gin which finishes very smoothly and has a most pleasing summer-time linger. It’s great to have a new gin that not only fits into but expands and brings a new dimension to the floral category.

We garnish Shortcross with lemon peel and will be creating some lovely springtime cocktails to wet your whistle once spring is here!

Thank you Shortcross for bringing spring time to a very cold, wet London Monday!