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A few months ago one of our lovely guests popped by and told us their friends in Winchester were making a brand new gin with watercress. Watercress I thought, how unexpected! twisted nose

Now we have said gin, Twisted Nose, in the bar and are impressed enough to include it on our latest tasting menu.

Twisted Nose uses 10 botanicals including fennel, licorice, lavender and the aforementioned watercress.

On the nose the fennel and licorice lead, followed by sweet-smelling soft citrus notes, possibly from the coriander. The aromas are very inviting and make you want to taste the gin,

Tasted neat – on the palate there is a soft sweetness, again probably from the licorice/fennel combination and light floral lavender notes give way to a peppery watercress bitterness and bite. The mouth feel is full and round and finishes with a light vapoury fresh, cleansingĀ  sensation which excites the tongue.

With tonic this gin opens out to become wonderfully smooth and refreshing with a gentle sweet citrus of the grapefruit and licorice combination and the peppery watercress bite at the end gives pleasant bitter notes. As the gin sits in the glass it takes on more of the orris / lavender notes which contrasts the heat from the watercress and is most pleasant.

This is an artisan gin with a capital A – batches of just 50 bottles and local botanicals, and I think makes an excellent pre dinner G and T that really excites your tastes buds and leaves you wanting more!

It’s so nice to see the work small batch artisan distillers are bringing to us, the humble gin lover – a unique offering to the discerning gin drinker. More please!