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Food at the gin club

By January 12, 2015October 18th, 2015No Comments

Gin…in food..why on earth not!

Not that we’ve slung gin into all our delicious homemade offerings (that would be wrong… or would it?) but we thought since there are so many excellent gins with wonderfully balanced herbs, spices and fruits, and so many fantastic accompaniments such as vermouth, cordials and bitters why not transfer these to our food. So, our new ‘ginfluenced’ menu shows off our creations which wil hopefully set your taste buds tingling.

Pies, pies, pies! IMG_1259 

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a pie, so first off.. needless to say, we make our own all butter puff pastry from scratch in our kitchen.

Our braised beef and horseradish pie has a dash of Damson gin which complements the savoury meatiness and the bite of the horseradish. The ham with pea, onion and champage was very nice as it was, however we’ve added a splash of gin to the slow roasting of the ham to give it a little kick, French 75 style! Our cheese with pring onion comes even more to life with coriander seed and thyme and finally, our 8 hour pulled pork and Genever sauce pie, enriched with a sauce of aged Genever and molasses is simply  delicious.

Slow cooked loveliness

Then there’s our wonderful ‘comfort food’ hot bowls served with fresh home-made bread. Our Chorizo has always been cooked with gin and red wine so no change there, don’t fix what isn’t broken . Gin Club Mac and Cheese…to be honest, Mac and Cheese is pretty damn good as it is, but a couple of secret ingredients to the recipe to really make it super delicious!

Sweet things

We’ve created some delictible sweet ‘ginfluenced’ goodies, Our home-made marshmallow is changes each week. Flavours have recently included  rhubarb and almond, blueberry and basil, raspberry and lemon..delish

And our infamous home – made jaffa cakes, where we’ve substituted the orangey bit in the middle for Sloe gin with white chocolate or gin and lime with dark chocolate! yum and the perfect complement with your G and T perfectly!sweet food pairing