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Columbian TreasureSo surprising as it might be to all us gin lovers out there, some people actually don’t like gin! Yes, it pains me to say it… some people don’t like gin.

The truth is, I don’t believe this. I believe some people have had gins they don’t like and, as you would, decide emphatically that all gin is not very nice. We aim to put this right. We believe there is a gin for everyone, whether it be a traditional dry gin, or a more contemporary spicy, sweet or citrus style. Then of course, there is the originator of gin, Genever.

We have some wonderful gins to offer people who have come to the ill-informed conclusion that gin is not for them.

For the rum lover we have the most interesting Columbian Treasure. Aged in rum barrels and laced with rich vanilla notes and almost a maple syrup finish. This gin is great in a Gimlet which becomes almost like a Daiquiri, sure to convert rum die hards to the pleasures of Madame G.

filliersOr for the ardent whisky drinker we have the fantastic Filliers oude Genever which is aged for 8 years and blended with equally aged juniper distillates. And what a wonderful spirit this it to sip neat, or great in an Old fashioned and makes a superb Manhattan.

So we hope we can find a gin for everyone out there who thinks gin is not for them… so far our success rate is 100%, however for those who are too afraid of the seductive allure of Madame Geneva, we can of course serve other premium spirits, fine wines, champagnes and beer, and GIN!