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This weeks review is Pickering’s, who visited us during the taste of London festival and kindly brought us a bottle of their brand new, small batch gin.
We think this is a great gin, and it is the first gin to be made in Edinburgh in over 150 years. It also has a great historical back story which emanates from a recipe from 1940’s Bombay.

pickerings-gin-bottleOn the nose it has clean fresh lavender citrus, with plenty of coriander sitting beside the juniper.

To sip with ice- dry, with citrus and sweet anise followed with an aromatic and rooty dry linger.

Tonic opens up spicy notes (maybe a touch of clove), with a floral coriander middle and a dry linger, rounding it out to a very drinkable gin and tonic which, being controversial (to some) we would garnish with lemon and tomato.

We think this would make an excellent southside, it would also be great in our chill ginfusion. Full marks to Pickering and look out for it in on our next tasting menu.