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Uncle Vals gin

Uncle Vals gin

It feels like summer is just around the corner, and if you like cucumber or citrus gins then we have something special for you, courtesy of Uncle Val, all the way from the USA. A bottle ( and what afantastic bottle) was dropped off to us last week by Richard Zeller of 35 Maple Street spirits and we have been itching to try it. That day has come.

This certainly is a distinctive gin, developed based on the range of botanicals in Uncle Val’s Tuscan garden, and it has a summer feel that is sure to lift your spirits. It has an extremely distinctive nose, we picked up citrus, cucumber and an earthy sage. It really comes alive with tonic – cucumber and lemon to start, with a juniper and sage middle and sweet lavender finish. The flavours really do build as you drink, especially the cooling cucumber, we think this is going to be a fantastic summer gin, keep an eye out as we have some great ideas on how to serve this and we’re thinking a chilli and basil garnish or plump buttery Sicilian olive.

Uncle Val’s are looking for a UK distributor, so someone step up (please) and help bring this great small batch, artisan US gin to the UK, where it will really add another dimension to the gin scene.

Cheers Uncle Val, you’ve made our sunday.