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Being an avid gin fan for well over a decade ( much much longer but I won’t say)  and since beginning the London Gin Club over 2 years ago, we’ve learnt a thing or two about gin.

It’s fair to say we at The London Gin Club are all quite passionate about it.All of it. It’s past, the rich and sometimes dark history of gin, it’s present, with the amazing array of botanicals being used to create fantastic small batch and artisan gin and it’s future, which looks very interesting indeed as production get more and more artisan, bespoke and  complex. So now it’s time to share what we”ve learned with you!

This gin tasting is a perfect introduction  for anyone wishing to learn a little more about gin and the fascinating range of botanicals used in both  classic and contemporary gins. Three of the five gins we’ll showcase will be either small batch or artisan and when available we’ll  smaple the newest gins on the market.

We’ll kick start the tasting with a gin cocktail to wet your whistle whilst talking you through the gins you will be tasting.

Whilst sampling the 5 different gins and 3 different tonics we will talk you through the botanicals used  in each and what garnish we think works best and why.  Throughout the tasting we’ll fill you in on a bit of ‘ginformation ‘,from it’s history , different styles, classic and contemporary gin and it’s journey from mothers ruin to the superior spirit it is today.

This is an informal tasting intended to entertain and inform so you can discover more about this wonderful and intriguing spirit.

You can , of course, pick our brains about all things gin during the tasting.

Space is limited to 16.