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There is a joyous abundance of new gin coming up at the moment, no complaints from us of course. One which has caught our eye and tantalised our taste buds is Anno Kent Dry Gin.


Every part of this gin has an attention to detail which we love and find most admirable. Bottled at 43% Abv this gin is laced with meaning: the copper lettering (A= Alchemy), the meandering leafy green lettering (a nod to the  Garden of England), and a very pleasing bottle shape that we’ve not seen before, and heaven knows we’ve seen many. On to the gin… it’s a fusion, as the distillers say a meeting of science and nature with a specific, geographical focus – with lavender, hops, elderflower, rosehips and samphire all from Kent.

On the nose we found it to be junipery, crisp and piney, on the palate things start to get more complex. It’s sweet and smooth initially, followed by a pleasant  ‘hoppy’ bitterness that contrasts nicely with the sweetness, a citrus note then pops up with a distinctive peppery linger. Drinking this gin is an extremely pleasant, intriguing journey of subtle flavours that balance really, really well. Both citrus and savoury, it’s a great gin which we think works really well with food (fine dining of course) either as a gin and tonic (which we garnish with lemon peel) or a wonderful Martini.

Anno Kent Dry Gin stands out, and brings something altogether new and clever to the gin table. It really is artisan; bespoke, smaller batch, clever, interesting and well thought out. We love it and it’s on our new tasting menu. Well done chaps!

Julia – The London Gin Club