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So we all know Sipsmith by now (or we should do!)… the distiller credited with kicking of the small batch gin boom in 2009, and since then Sipsmith gin has adorned the shelves of all self-respecting bars and hotels across the land.


Sipsmith’s latest creation is the brand new VJOP –  ‘Very Junipery Over Proof ‘ gin.  And this gin does exactly what it says it does! Hugely piney on the nose with a massive, very satisfying hit of juniper and subtle hints of coriander. On the palate, a very strong robust juniper wallop followed by a citrus note, returning to a juniper linger. This is a beefy, punchy gin and for its wonderful 57.7% it is very, very smooth as well.

VJOP makes an extremely good Gin and Tonic, don’t argue with the juniper, we recommend to garnish with lime (and a sprig of coriander if you want, or rhubarb when it’s properly in season). VJOP also makes a very good martini, we do it slightly dirty with two big fat Sicilian olives to garnish.

Sipsmith VJOP is a real gin lovers gin, embodying everything that is great about gin!

And by the way, it will be on out new February tasting menu!