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We are very proud to announce the launch of our 8 gin flavour spectrum tasting menu.

flavour spectrum

The aim is for you to sample the entire flavour spectrum gin has to offer.

You will try a dry, (Brokers) floral, (Bloom) citrus,(Tanqueray 10)  savoury, (Adnams First rate) sweet, (Jensen Old Tom) spice, (Monkey 47)  aged (Citadelle Reserve) and a gin liqueur, (Hayman’s Gin Liqueur) all of which are brought to your table and served with Fever tree tonic ( except the gin liqueur of course) and with individually paired garnish.

Ideally this can be shared between 2, 3 or 4 people.

You will be armed with the list of gins you are sampling, their garnish and for the first month of its release you will receive our Gin notes tasting book to keep track of what you’ve tried.

You can also buy this as a voucher for the gin lover in your life or anyone who  wants to learn a little more about gin. Available from our friends at London Peculiar here

spectrum tasting voucher