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We have just received our first bottle of Elephant gin, which was recently released . As with many of the new gins coming out, the packaging is great. In fact the attention to detail on this bottle is very nice indeed.

Why Elephant? Well, 15% of the profits from the sale of each bottle goes toward African elephant conservation, and each batch is named after an elephant that has at some time  been supported by the charity. Ours is called Dionysus.

So on to the gin which is distilled in Germany and is a London Dry bottled at 45% abv.

On the nose there is an initial hit of ginger along with a fruity hint.

On the palate the crisp ginger notes hit quite quickly, followed by a floral sweetness which could come from the elderflower or lavender used. We particularly picked up the elderflower. On the finish there is a peppery dryness which compliments the earlier flavours well. As you continue to drink a  sweet butteryness builds with all the flavours coming together to make a very satisfying gin which will work very well in  a Ginger Tom and is going to make some very nice winter cocktails. And for all the  traditionalists out there , of course there’s juniper, it’s  subtle, pleasing and well-balanced with the addition of mountain pine they use.

Hats off to the makers of Elephant gin. They offer something different and very interesting into a competitive marketplace and they are contributing to the conservation of elephants at the same time too!

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