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It is such a great time to be a Gin lover with new gins being launched every week. What’s particularly great right now is how many UK regional gins are being produced.

elemental gin We came across the makers of Elemental Gin by chance a few months ago in a rather fancy shop here in Central London. As a general rule we try not to eve’s drop, however, the makers  were talking about their gin and hearing the words “gin” and “small batch”, ears pricked, gin-dar engaged, we then ear wigged the conversation and  introduced ourselves. Destiny played its part, one thing lead to another, and the London Gin Club are now happily stocking their gin.

Elemental Gin use Organic English grain alcohol and locally sourced Cornish spring water to produce a small batch gin in Cornwall.

The nose hits with crisp, peppery, coriander notes with a hint of  sherbet. On the palate, alongside juniper, in the lead the coriander comes to life accompanied by  citrus notes of what we thought grapefruit, the sherbet gives way to carry a pleasant bitter linger, which builds the more you sip.

The flavours are held together within a framework of sweetness which we think may come from cassia bark. There are another 8 botanicals in this gin which balance very well. There is an overall mouth feel of sweetness and a mellow bitter linger, this duality gives a very pleasant, satisfying and complex gin experience which is extremely drinkable and very morish!

Elemental works very well in a G&T garnished with lime and grapefruit peel and it’s a real winner in a Gin Smash. Well done Cornwall!