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We were privileged enough to be one of the first to get our hands on ‘The King of Soho‘ gin this weekend. Almost as soon as it was bottled we had a case of it ready to hit our shelves, along with some accompanying 20cl bottles which are unbelievably desirable.

The king of Soho

Created by Howard Raymond, son of Paul Raymond (affectionately known as The King of Soho who helped Soho become an area rich in creativity, music, art and modern culture) expectations for this gin were high!

The Bottle:

Packaging can say a lot about a product. The bottle is colourful, bold and vibrant with a great illustration that captures the essence of Soho!

The Gin:

This gin has a lovely junipery nose as you would expect from a hearty 42% London Dry, wafting behind the piney notes comes a subtle coriander both of which are perfectly balanced.

On the palate, there is a sweet  warm citrus and spice start coming from cassia bark and grapefruit. This is followed by pleasant bitter notes and rounds off with a waft of something like licorice in the finish, all of which are held together with the juniper body.

All these flavours come together nicely and create a complex but smooth gin which is extremely drinkable and pleasant sipped neat. King of Soho makes an excellent Martini, is great on the rocks, excellent in a G&T, garnished with lime and orange peel  and sublime in a Tom Collins – altogether a majestic addition to our shelves.