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Boodles London Dry Gin

Boodles London Dry Gin

Boodles gin is by no means a new gin on the market. Released by Proximo in June this year Boodles has a rich history and is associated with the likes  of Ian Fleming and Winston Churchill.  Originally named after the Pall Mall Gentleman’s  Club called Boodles,  Boodles gin dates back to 1845 but over time it became increasingly hard to find in the UK.  Now, its back, at last!

This is a unique London Dry in that there is no actual citrus element, it picks up its light characteristics exclusively from a blend of herbs and spices.

On the nose, this gin is very light giving a gentle coriander note. To taste there is a herby coriander start with a sense of sweetness which smooths out and is followed by a dry and slightly bitter linger.

This is a smooth dry gin which we think will work well with lime or lemon and sage in a gin and tonic. We also think it would be great in a Gin and it.

For the rest of July and August Boodles is on our tasting No 1 menu.

Welcome back Boodles