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The London Gin Club will have a brand new gin on our shelves,  Opihr Oriental Spice London Dry Gin.  Bottled at 40% ABV. A customer mentioned it to us on World Gin day, and we met up with the lovely Frederik at Quintessential Brands at Imbibe last month who are bringing it to market.opihr

On the nose this gin is full of coriander, the juniper is quite light and not dominant and there is a slightly sweet citrus note.

On tasting,  alongside coriander there is a crisp, peppery flavour which comes from the cubeb and black pepper. The juniper is subtle and balanced, and the dominance of coriander and cubeb make for a light, citrus/spice gin.  It’s distinctive and easy to drink.

When in season we’ll garnish this with bergamot, but that won’t be for a while now… in the meantime and for the summer we think orange and coriander leaf will work very nicely indeed. It’s great in a Gin and Tonic, and Opihr will work very well  in a gimlet as the lime will  lift the coriander and compliment the pepper.

And as a bonus it’s a fantastic bottle, which would make for a smart addition to anyones drinks shelf, whether it be ours here at The London Gin Club, or yours at home.