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Hunter’s Gin

We first came across Hunters gin  about 3 months ago. This premium gin, conceived in Cheshire is bottled at 43.3% and is based on a 300 year old recipe.

We would describe this as a dry, citrus gin. We noticed quite a lot of juniper on the nose which is followed by a gentle coriander note. On the taste buds the flavours start with a juniper hit followed by a subtle lemony, crisp citrus tone. The finish is a nice bitter-sweet, making for a great balance between juniper and citrus.

We serve this as a gin and tonic with fresh coriander and lime peel which keeps the subtle herb elements in place with the lime happily complimenting the lemon notes.

We have also used this gin to create a Hunter’s tea cocktail, combining Hunters gin, bergamot liqueur and freshly squeezed lemon to make a fantastic summer time cocktail.

Hunters is ideal if you prefer your martinis slightly less dry or for those who like a good London Dry with a  hint of smooth citrus.