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Is it summer yet? Wimbledon’s started so it must be.  The decidedly changeable weather has meant our perambulations in the park have been curtailed, what to do?  A few hours spent with some fine ingredients,  a bottle of Brokers Gin which we find to be delightfully dry and smooth, and a muddle and voilà, a clutch of wonderful summer Ginfusions.  Regardless of whether it feels like summer outside, it is definitely most summery at the London Gin Club.

We have three delightful drinks for you to while away your Soho evenings:

The first is from the fantastic new book ‘The Drunken Botanist’,  by Amy Stewart. Gin, red chilli, cucumber and basil, muddled , strained over ice and topped with tonic. It delivers a lip smacking zing!

The second is a sublime balance of apple and celery, again muddled, strained over ice and topped with tonic. It is delightfully light with the celery really enhancing the apple.

Lastly we have a spicy mix of fresh coriander and lime. This is wonderfully crisp twist on the classic Gin & Tonic.

All are deliciously refreshing and taste bud tingling.