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At last the sunshine…it’s taken so long. May has come round quick and we have 2 new tasting menus, which include 3  new gins and our brand new creation: The Ginventor

So firstly the tasting menus:

Tasting number 1 is


and tasting number 2 is


Our 3 new gins are Hunters, a lovely smooth gin from Cheshire, which we’ve also put together with bergamot liqueur and created the ‘Hunters tea’. Langleys No8, dry, clean and easy drinking and Boxer, which has a host of citrus including bergamot!

Then we have our newest creation,  THE GINVENTOR 

Be a ginventor!

Be a ginventor!

This is for two people and has been designed to enable you to make a gin using your preferred botanicals. For example, you might like a nice dry gin with a hint of spice, or you might prefer it fruity, or herby, or sweeter. Or, it might be you don’t know what you like until you’ve tried it so here’s a chance to see what some of these flavours taste like and experiment with them in your gin.

Either way, you get to experiment with the distillates and make yourself a superb G and T.

You get 2 x 25ml of Sacred gin and 60ml (6 x 10ml) of the basic Sacred distillates which are juniper, coriander, cardamom, orris, liquorice and pink grapefruit.

You choose from the distillates, mix and match or choose one of each.

You then blend them together, making a mix of about 30ml, add them to the 25ml gin, add the tonic, choose your garnish and and your friend have your very own, delicious gin, designed by you! Great and all for £21.

If you know someone, (i’m sure you do) who loves gin and is a bit creative, get them a voucher for The Ginventor  via our friends at London Peculiar 

Happy days I say.

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