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April tasting menus, ready and waiting!

By April 3, 2013September 7th, 20162 Comments

Right O…we’ve decided on our  two gin tasting menus for April.

They are

Gin Tasting #1

BRECON :garnish, orange peel…a welsh gin, junipery and smooth

LIGHTHOUSE :garnish, grapefruit ,….a brand new gin from New Zealand

SW4: garnish, lemon & cinnamon… a wonderfully smooth London gin

HAYMAN’S OLD TOM : garnish, lemon peel…gently sweet, perfect Old Tom gin

and Gin Tasting #2

BATHTUB NAVY STRENGTH :garnish, blood orange…unbelievably punchy

MARTIN MILLER’S WESTBOURNE  : garnish, lemon and coriander…crisp and clean

ADNAM’S COPPER HOUSE : garnish, pear…a new one for us…savoury and herby

BEEFEATER 24: pomelo..light & floral

How exciting!

We have a third (very interesting ) tasting menu coming , which we are finalising now! keep your eyes out for that one!


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