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New for October

By October 5, 2012April 3rd, 2014No Comments

We have a few new things this month to tell you about.

Firstly we have 2 new Gin tasting menus. You’ll be able to try Blackwood’s Vintage, Gin Mare, Tanqueray and Old English Gin all together so you can compare their flavours (£18 for members)  or you can try our brand new  supreme tasting menu which  is Monkey 47, Junipero, Deaths Door and Citadelle Reserve. (£22 for members) Delicious!

We’ve also added a list of bitters you can pop into your favourite G & T should you want to give it an extra kick. My favourite is the fantastic Tonic Bitters by  the folks at The Bitter Truth. Wonderful!

Our menu now has a flavour spectrum page so if you’re not sure about gin  we give you examples of gin that fall into different flavour groups..Dry, Floral, Citrus, Spicy etc..just as a little guide to help you chose.

Don’t forget, If you plan on coming, reserve a table to be safe!

happy ( and responsible ) gin drinking everyone.

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