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Cocktails for our gin night, Sept 29th

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So, our next event, as you may know  is on September 29th, marking the anniversary of the Gin Act of 1736 where a levy of £50 was introduced to anyone wanting to sell gin and the subsequent so-called death of the much lamented Madam Geneva. In partnership with Fifty Pounds gin we will be offering some delightful gin drinks for you to try.

Back in the 1730’s they probably hadn’t come up with many cocktails, given the first written sighting of the word cocktail was  in 1798, so we found some pretty old classics which should fit the bill and, if you are a member of the club you will get these for £5.50

Here’s the list, the cocktails are written as they were back then!

The Spider: 1886

Gill of Fifty pounds gin

Aerated lemonade

Lump of lake ice

liqueur glass of citronella

Pink Gin 1850’s

glass of Fifty pounds gin

angostura bitters

shaken with ice and strained into glass

Original gin cocktail  1798

60 ml Fifty pounds gin

10 ml Curacao, Orange (1/2 ounce)

10ml ginger syrup

Dash of aromatic bitters

There will also be a delicious G & T, with Fever tree tonic and the addition of tonic bitters, juniper berries and lemon peel.

So, if you fancy a night of delicious gin drinking ( responsibly!) book a table.

Our usual gin menu will of course be available as well!

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