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7 Dials gin…a London Gin Club gin

By September 7, 2012November 1st, 2016No Comments

We are very proud and very happy to announce the arrival of our very own gin, 7 Dials.

Some time ago we pondered on the idea of coming up with a London Dry gin of our very own. A coincidental conversation with the wonderous folk at Masters of Malt and how they could produce it for us meant this could actually happen.

After many hours and many nights blending different botanicals we finally came up with what we think is a very nice, juniper led dry but creamy smooth gin.

It is, of course, like us, very small batch and the first of hopefully quite a few batches arrived this week and is now ready and waiting in the bar.

Why the name 7 Dials? well…it’s not as easy as it looks trying to name a gin…so another night of sitting down in the bar after work, sampling a few gins ( for research purposes of course) and, one thing leading to anotherĀ  7 Dials came up. Coincidentally our gin has 7 botanicals…good start..and of course 7 Dials was the home of gin in the 1700’s, the area depicted in Hogarth’s Gin Lane and in the anonymous etching showing the Funeral procession of Madam Geneva in 1736 following the gin act..The 7 dials pointing to a pillar and forming a star clinched itĀ  and everything fell into place and there it was , 7 Dials was named.

So, the botanicals of juniper, cardamom, coriander, angelica, sweet clementine, marshmallow root and almond all come together to make a smooth tasting juniper led dry gin with a gentle spicy start leading to a soft almond finish… but, as we all know, we you don’t know ’til you try it…so, come and try it and tell us what you think!

7 Dials London dry gin

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